I downloaded scrivener yesterday.  It looks great and I am going to use it to edit ‘Crowbar Junction.’  If all goes well it looks like the type of programme any writer should have.  There are great sections for keeping all your character portraits and any research that you have done.  Check out the features here.  It has a great 30 non consecutive day free trial so you can have a look.   


40 Minute Old Baby!

At the end of baby school yesterday we were brought on a small tour of the labour ward and into one of the (empty) delivery rooms.  While we were there the midwife asked the trainee midwife to go and see if there was a baby she could show us.  A couple of minutes later a proud new father and his 40 minute old! baby came in.  It was amazing to see the little girl.  She was so gorgeous and so alert.  It was very emotional and I can’t wait for m own little leanbh to arrive.

Boob School and Baby School

We had ‘Boob School’ last night in Holles street, and for a time it looked like I was going to be the only father to be there.  I was sitting there getting odd looks from the women who probably thought I was there in the hope of seeing a few breasts (thank god Aisling was with me!)  One other partner showed up and things got under way.  It was very interesting but none of the women  took their tops off, which is always a disappointment.  

Today is our last day of baby school and apart from getting the half day off work on Wednesdays I have to say I am going to miss it.  They are very informative classes and I thing the one day a week approach is better than the one full day course.  There is so much to take in that to do it all in one day would be serious brain overload (on top of the overload of a baby on the way!)

Crowbar Junction Critique came yesterday!

The Critique for ‘Crowbar Junction’ came yesterday and it was a whopper.  It came in at 31 pages and it was really good.  I thought I’d get someone to have a look at it before I actually read it myself, someone I didn’t know (I sourced her on  Some of the things I would have picked up on myself and I told her to ignore grammar and spelling mistakes as I will be doing that part myself.

The good news is that the novel is cohesive and the story is understandable.  There are some inconsistencies that have to be ironed out and age discrepancies but that’s the easy part.  I will also be extending the ending as in the draft it is very fast and was just really outlined for the purpose of the critique.  All in all I was delighted with the critique (despite the initial disgust that writers feel whenever anyone criticises our writing) and I would definitely suggest that anyone who have written a short story, novella or novel to consider using the same person as I did.  She can be contacted at her blog sorchasidhe, she is great. Continue reading “Crowbar Junction Critique came yesterday!”