Crowbar Junction Critique came yesterday!

The Critique for ‘Crowbar Junction’ came yesterday and it was a whopper.  It came in at 31 pages and it was really good.  I thought I’d get someone to have a look at it before I actually read it myself, someone I didn’t know (I sourced her on  Some of the things I would have picked up on myself and I told her to ignore grammar and spelling mistakes as I will be doing that part myself.

The good news is that the novel is cohesive and the story is understandable.  There are some inconsistencies that have to be ironed out and age discrepancies but that’s the easy part.  I will also be extending the ending as in the draft it is very fast and was just really outlined for the purpose of the critique.  All in all I was delighted with the critique (despite the initial disgust that writers feel whenever anyone criticises our writing) and I would definitely suggest that anyone who have written a short story, novella or novel to consider using the same person as I did.  She can be contacted at her blog sorchasidhe, she is great.



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