Rabbit Angstrom

Been reading ‘Rabbit at Rest’ by John Updike this week between looking after Ais and going to work.  It is the fourth book of his to feature the character Harry ‘Rabbit’ Angstrom and his family and they are all brilliant.  It is very easy to forget how good a writer Updike is if you leave too long between reading his books.  I have had perfect examples this morning (before I went out to the car to figure out the ISO-FIX base) of how good he is.  I can’t do justice to him so I seriously recommend  ‘Rabbit, Run’ as an ideal starting point if you have never read any of his books.


Final Countdown!

Aisling is due on Sunday so that is the day that has been fused into my skull.  Every time I get a text or a phonecall now I think it is her telling me that it is time to go to the hospital.  I am feeling so excited about meeting the baby and I have been imagining things from the future with them really vividly over the past few days (not nappy changing- the good stuff; me being able to play without having to make excuses for it.)  

I haven’t had any time at all to work on editing ‘Crowbar Junction’ as that is big time consumer to do it properly so I have been flashing out the full story for my next novel which I hope to start later this year.  I have a 2,500 word synopsis that will probably be 5,000 by the time I’m finished done.  I will just have to wait and see how tired I am when the baby comes as to how much writing I will get done over the next few months.

10 Days to go!

Only 10 days to due date so getting really excited and distracted at this stage.  No guarantee that birth will happen on that day but it’s nice think that it will.  Aisling is on maternity leave now and is hopefully resting at home right now but I know how bold she can be and there will probably be a rearranged hot-press or kitchen when I get home today.