Writing can pay!

I won a contest on Freelancer.com last night to create an 18 Chapter outline for a novel based  on a cover image.  The prize was $120 so that was a nice way to round out the day


Time is Gone!

Time no longer exists since Harrison was born; as soon as he is finished feeding it seems like it is time for him to be fed again.  I am loving it but I haven’t really had time for anything else.  I came back to work yesterday and it is already like I wasn’t out of here for  three weeks.  I have decided to use the time on my commute home to edit ‘Crowbar Junction’ otherwise I don’t know when I’ll get at it.

Life with Harrison is amazing and I know it gets easier soon enough but he is worth going through anything for.  I just can’t describe what it is like to have a child (great writer eh?)

The new real world

It has been an exhausting two weeks since Harrison was born but we have been able to sleep for two three hour stint over the last two nights and I feel rejuvenated.  It is so amazing to have a son; I’m spending so much time just staring at him.
While he slept last night I was able to write a few lines of a short story I am working on and tonight I hope to be able to start editing another chapter of ‘Crowbar Junction.’