My Author Interview is up on bookgoodies

My author interview is up on bookgoodies from today.  You can see it at  If it is gone from there by the time you read this (I don’t know how long they stay up) you can search European P. Douglas on the site and it will bring you to it.


Head is wet/Terrible news

I went out on Friday night and had a great time in my old local.  I started feeling the effects of the alcohol after only two pints but I managed to soldier on until 2.30am when I got in to find Harrison having a feed. The hangover on Saturday morning was not as bad as I would have expected.  

Aisling’s brother and his wife were over for the weekend so they we spent a lot of time there with them gooing over Harrison which he loved.

On Sunday morning I received the terrible news that an old friend of mine Stephanie Kinahan had passed away after a long struggle with cancer.  I haven’t seen her in about ten years but is it is a terrible thing to happen to a person as nice as she.   

Wetting the baby’s head

I am going out tonight to have a few Guinness’s to wet Harrison’s head tonight.  He is seven weeks old now and this is a bit longer than is traditional but I was so exhausted when he was born that I wouldn’t have been able to have more than two drinks probably.  I’m still quite tired- did the 3.30am feed this morning and then was  back up for work at 6am, but I hope to feel better as the day goes on.  I fully expect a terrible Saturday as I am sure there will be a hangover no matter how much or little I might drink tonight.  I will let you know how I got on.

I have started reading ‘All the Pretty Horses’ by Cormac McCarthy and though only a quarter of the way through it has very little (so far) of the menace that is usually present in his books.  I have read seven of his other books and have enjoyed them all but it is always hard to get back into his rhythm of very little punctuation, especially just after reading a Philip Roth book.  So far I am enjoying the book and I am looking forward to the rest of it.

My novella ‘The Brave Festival’ is free for Kindle or Kindle app/reader users from Amazon sites today until Sunday.  Grab a copy if you are interested- the details of the book are on the ‘Books’ page of this site. Click on the book title to go directly to Amazon.

Another Hundred! Fathers day/Bloomsday

I had a few more downloads of ‘The Case for Skeletons’ over the weekend which brought me over the 900 mark in terms of people who have bought or downloaded one of my books.  Thanks if you were one of them.  It will be a great success for me if I can get to the 1,000 mark.

Aisling and Harrison made sure that I had a great Fathers Day yesterday,  I had a fantastic breakfast in bed and then we went for a walk in the Phoenix Park (Harrisons first visit  there) and then in the evening Aisling made me the most amazing lamb dinner.  It could not have gone better.

It was Bloomsday as well yesterday but all I managed to do in a Joycean manner was to flick through ‘Dubliners’ for a few seconds to remind myself of how good it was when I read it. I haven’t read ‘Ulysses’ yet but I do have plans to in the next year or so.  When Harrison starts sleeping through the night I will think about it again.

I started reading the last Nathan Zuckerman novel ‘Exit Ghost’ by Philip Roth the other day and I am happy to report that I am as hooked as ever with Roth’s writing.  I am half way through and though it is clearly not his best work it is great to be able to revisit the past and characters from ‘The Ghost Writer’ which I really loved when I read it.  

I have started a side project involving the main character from ‘The Case for Skeletons.’  It will be a novella that I am writing to keep creative while I toil through the editing of ‘Crowbar Junction’ and while I flesh out the full outline for my next full novel with the working title ‘The End’.