Another Hundred! Fathers day/Bloomsday

I had a few more downloads of ‘The Case for Skeletons’ over the weekend which brought me over the 900 mark in terms of people who have bought or downloaded one of my books.  Thanks if you were one of them.  It will be a great success for me if I can get to the 1,000 mark.

Aisling and Harrison made sure that I had a great Fathers Day yesterday,  I had a fantastic breakfast in bed and then we went for a walk in the Phoenix Park (Harrisons first visit  there) and then in the evening Aisling made me the most amazing lamb dinner.  It could not have gone better.

It was Bloomsday as well yesterday but all I managed to do in a Joycean manner was to flick through ‘Dubliners’ for a few seconds to remind myself of how good it was when I read it. I haven’t read ‘Ulysses’ yet but I do have plans to in the next year or so.  When Harrison starts sleeping through the night I will think about it again.

I started reading the last Nathan Zuckerman novel ‘Exit Ghost’ by Philip Roth the other day and I am happy to report that I am as hooked as ever with Roth’s writing.  I am half way through and though it is clearly not his best work it is great to be able to revisit the past and characters from ‘The Ghost Writer’ which I really loved when I read it.  

I have started a side project involving the main character from ‘The Case for Skeletons.’  It will be a novella that I am writing to keep creative while I toil through the editing of ‘Crowbar Junction’ and while I flesh out the full outline for my next full novel with the working title ‘The End’.  


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