Harrison Laughed!/Ennio Morricone at the weekend

Harrison is three months old today and yesterday he laughed for the first time!  It was amazing ( even though I only heard it as I was behind a door- Aisling saw it all)  I haven’t been able to make him laugh again and neither has Aisling so we are going to work on our material.

I was at the Ennio Morricone concert in the grounds of the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday night with my friend Roisin and thankfully the rain held off.  It was a fantastic concert and my only complaint was that it was a little short considering the cost of the tickets.  They showed ‘Cinema Paradiso’ on two large screens before the concert but I only came in for the end of that.  It is Tuesday as I write this and I am still humming the tunes from Saturday.


Mitch Uncle Boney

I have just completed the first draft of a new Mitch Uncle Boney Novella that I hope to have available in late August or September.  I have been writing it clandestinely on my google drive on my phone while on the bus and on breaks in work for the last couple of months.

The Case for Skeletons will be free this weekend on Amazon and also ‘The Brave Festival’ is free at Smashwords until the end of the month.

The Heat/Great Jones Street/Hen night

The heat is still incredible here in Dublin (for here anyway) and people are starting to get a bit cranky, none more so than my pride and joy Harrison.  He is not sleeping well and he is very hot no  matter where he is during the day.  It looks like another few weeks of heat too so might be September before any of us gets a decent sleep at this rate.

I finished ‘Great Jones Street’ yesterday and though I enjoyed the writing I felt that the book petered out in the last third(maybe half)  It was good but just not compared to others by him that I have read. 

Last night I started ‘Dead Babies’ by Martin Amis.  It is one of his earlier works and so the humour and satire that made him famous are still fresh in his writing.  I think it will be good and I look forward to getting through it.

The Tour de France is all but sown up now unless something spectacular happened today (I haven’t seen the highlights yet because I’m in work)  Dan martin had a bad day yesterday and dropped out of the top ten to nineteenth overall but even top twenty is an amazing achievement in this event.

Anniversary Drinks!/The Green Hills of Africa/Great Jones Street

Aisling and I went out for the first time together since Harrison was born, for our four year anniversary.  We ended up eating in Eden Bar & Grill in the new ‘Creative Quarter’ in Dublin and I have to say it was very good.  After that we had a few beers in The Dame Tavern & Brogan’s before going home just in time for Harrison’s next feed.

I finished ‘The Green Hills of Africa the other day and it was better than I thought it was going to be.  The decscriptions of the landscape and the animals were excellent (even if you don’t like the idea of hunting) and the fact that they were drinking beer and whiskey everyday made me long for a cold one myself in the heat we have been having. 

I have since started Don Delillo’s ‘Great Jones Street.  I am about half way through this now and he is such an artist.  It is so far my least favourite of his books that I have read but it is still very good and it is impossible not to see the talent he has. 

The Tour de France is going great this year, Chris Froome looks in amazing shape but there is always the chance of an off day that can change the whole face of the race.  I got my own bike fixed and have started cycling to work to get some kilometres in and hopefully lose some inches at the same time.

My own writing is at a bit of a standstill at the moment but that is to be expected with all the other stuff going on.