July- The Greatest time of the Year!

We have now entered my favourite month of the year.  July brings with it every year a host of things that make me happy.  It is the birthday month of Aisling and my mother (and also Milo- the family dog) and the best event in the world- The Tour De France!  Most importantly though it is also the month that Aisling and I have our anniversary.  We will be together four years on the 4th of July (the Tour started on that day in 2009)  Another bonus this year is that I will be going to an Ennio Morricone outdoor concert on the 27th of July. 


I finished reading ‘All the Pretty Horses’ by Cormac McCarthy yesterday and it was very good. It was not at all what I was expecting from one of his books.  It has a much deeper feel for the landscape of the setting and although there was less violence than other books what was there was harsh and vivid.  It was also a love story which completely threw me, I hadn’t read anything about the book before so had no idea what it was about until I was reading it.  I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.


Before I went to bed last night I started ‘The Green Hills of Africa’ by Ernest Hemingway.  It has been about a year since I read one his and this one has gotten off to a good start.  It is about game hunting in Africa (so far) and you can tell that it was something he had a passion about by the way he writes about it.  It raises the question about what people did in the past that would be frowned upon today.  I don’t believe in hunting for sport or bullfighting but Hemingway was an avid fan of both and you have to leave your own judgements aside to be able to enjoy and appreciate what is being written about.  I will let you know what I think about it when I am finished.


Harrison is beginning to get into a bit of a routine and Aisling and I are starting to get some of the evening time back.  This has been a godsend and we are hoping that he will get better by the day.


From the second weekend of July one of my books is available to Kindle or Kindle app users for free.  Each weekend a different book will be free so keep an eye out and nab a free one from the weekend of the 13th.


Happy July


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