The Heat/Great Jones Street/Hen night

The heat is still incredible here in Dublin (for here anyway) and people are starting to get a bit cranky, none more so than my pride and joy Harrison.  He is not sleeping well and he is very hot no  matter where he is during the day.  It looks like another few weeks of heat too so might be September before any of us gets a decent sleep at this rate.

I finished ‘Great Jones Street’ yesterday and though I enjoyed the writing I felt that the book petered out in the last third(maybe half)  It was good but just not compared to others by him that I have read. 

Last night I started ‘Dead Babies’ by Martin Amis.  It is one of his earlier works and so the humour and satire that made him famous are still fresh in his writing.  I think it will be good and I look forward to getting through it.

The Tour de France is all but sown up now unless something spectacular happened today (I haven’t seen the highlights yet because I’m in work)  Dan martin had a bad day yesterday and dropped out of the top ten to nineteenth overall but even top twenty is an amazing achievement in this event.


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