Reading Update/Harrison feeding disaster/New Freelancer Project

I finished reading ‘Dead Babies’ by Martin Amis the other night and it was very good.  It was a lot more vicious than I had expected (even with that title-ps there are no dead babies in the book) but very entertaining and funny.

Yesterday I started ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov.  I bought this book about two years ago and a few times I have had it in the final two for ‘What book will I read next’ but have shied away from it for what ever reason.  I have to say though I am only 68 pages in I am enjoying it immensely already.  

Parents out there here is my advice- Do not listen to anyone else when it comes to your baby!  Last week Harrison was taking a bottle somewhere between 6-7pm and then going to sleep until between 2am-3.30am depending on the amount and time he took the last bottle and then again until 7am maybe.  

We Listened to advice in relation to ‘The Dream Feed’ (where you feed a baby last thing at night while they are still asleep really and then they sleep for the whole night).  For the last 5 nights Harrison has had his usual bottle between 6-7pm, a ‘Dream Feed’ somewhere between 10.30-11.00pm and now he wakes up for bottles at 2am and 5am as well!  Disaster!  Don’t listen to anyone!

I have been awarded a new project on  this time to help a woman out who is writing a book in South Africa.


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