Reading Update/Michelin Competition/Harrison/Free Novella Saturday

Since I updated last I have finished ‘The Master and Margarita’ it is and excellent book but I did think that it waned a little towards the end.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone though.

When I finished this I read a little novel by a Norwegian writer Dag Solstad called ‘Professor Anderson’s Night.’  This book has terribly mixed reviews but I found it very interesting.  It is about a 55 year old Professor who witnesses a murder but who cannot bring himself to report it.  I thought it was quite good.


Last night I started reading ‘The Corrections’ by Jonathan Franzen.  It has had such media and review hype over the years that I really hope that I like it now.  I have only read a book of essays by Franzen before so I have no experience of his fiction.  I’ll let you know what I think when I am through.

There is currently a competition running until the 28th of August at where you can win a paperback copy of my latest novella ‘Michelin.’  There are currently 110 entries.  

Harrison is as cute as ever but he is really growing all of a sudden on this new food.  He is sleeping better now as well and he is just starting to teeth.  I hope the teething isn’t to hard for him; one of my nephews has a terrible time with this and it was hard to see him cry so much from the pain so it would be even harder to see Harrison crying in that way.  Fingers crossed he gets on ok with it.

‘The Case for Skeletons’ will be free for download from all amazon stores this Saturday.   



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