I am just back from a lovely week in Wexford.  We rented a house in Rosselare Strand- which apparently is the setting for John Banville’s ‘The Sea.’  The weather was good and we travelled throughout Wexford and Waterford each day.  

The highlights down there are the lighthouse at Hook Head and the newly opened to the public Loftus Hall.  This is a famous haunted house in Ireland where the Devil himself is said to have made an appearance in the 1700s or 1800s.  There is a great tour through the rooms and it is well worth a visit.  

Another true gem of Wexford is the beautiful Johnstown Castle.  The building is spectacular and the grounds are amazing with a beautiful lake walk.  It is only ten minutes from Wexford town so if you are down that way give it look.

Travelling with a four month old is not as difficult as I would have thought but there were a few times when Harrison had had enough of the car and the seat he was in.  He was just getting over an illness he had the week before as well so I think he did brilliantly overall.  We got some great photo’s of our first family holiday and we will never forget it.  It was a lovely, lovely week away.


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