Free Weeks/Reading update/Short Story Competition

One or other of my books will be free for kindle and kindle app users from September 18th – October 6th so if at any point in that period you feel like a free ebook you know where you can get one.  ‘The Brave Festival’ is Free from tomorrow for 5 days followed by ‘The Great Brutality’ for 5 days, then ‘The Case for Skeletons’ for 5 days and finally my latest (and best so far) ‘Michelin’ will be free for 3 days.   

I finished ‘The Corrections’ by Jonathan Franzen at the start of my holiday and though I really enjoyed it I was not as blown away as I thought I was going to be, but then what book could live up to a decade of hype and still amaze?  I started Richard Ford’s ‘Independence Day’ and I remember the writing style from ‘The Sportswriter’ and I feel that this will be as good as that book was.

I read this morning that the ‘Davey Byrne’s Short Story award will be back in 2014 with a €15,000 prize.  The entries have to be in for February 2014 so I am going to spend this week trying to come up with a new idea for a story and then get cracking on it next week.  I have no illusions that I might be able to win but these things can really improve your writing and get some great ideas for future stuff as well, plus you get the added bonus to be able to dream that you might win. 


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