Friends Wedding/Free Books/Michelin Review/Reading Update

I was at a friends wedding last Saturday with the reception in the reputedly haunted Kinnity Castle (Haunted Houses becoming a theme in September this year!) Sadly I have nothing to report of a paranormal bent but I did see a lot of white faced people on the Sunday morning.  It was a great day and it had me looking forward to my own wedding in only 13 or 14 weeks now.  I wish Aoife and Brian the very best as a married couple.

My free books this last couple of weeks are trickling out nicely, thank you if you have downloaded a copy and if you haven’t you still can until the first weekend in October.

Michelin got a nice review from one of the people who won a copy on the Goodreads Giveaway so I think the giveaway was a success based on that alone.

I’m still reading ‘Independence Day’ by Richard Ford but it has been slow going due to my tiredness in the last few weeks.  I’m starting to pick up though and read it at a rate it deserves


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