Catchup Post

I have been away for so long from the site but I hope to be able to get back into a little now to keep it fresher.  

First off the Wedding news.  Only 5 or 6 weeks to go now and am really looking forward to it.  We are just in the process of getting our RSVPs back for final numbers but it looks like most people can make it which is great.  Not much else to do now apart from get myself and the best man suits for the day and then paying the last chink of the whole thing off.  Really looking forward to the day itself as the venue is such a great place and it should be a great day.

I was on my Stag weekend this last few days in Kilkenny, it was the usual madness of just drinking all day and night for a couple of days.  I was dressed in a zebra pattern onesie with the lead and chain around my neck for the Saturday which seemed to elicit a lot of jealousy in the local women.  As always Kilkenny was hospitable and a fun place to be, every second doorway is a pub so you just cant go wrong.

Writing wise (as this site is supposed to be about) things have been going ok.  I finished the first draft of the novella about Dublin that I mentioned a while ago but I have left it to one side and will work on it again in a few months and release it next year some time on Amazon.

I spent November doing Nanowrimo and successfully wrote 54,000 words of a horror novel in that month which I was very happy with.  The story is based on an old Dublin Myth from the late 18th Century and I have to say I have enjoyed writing a horror story a lot.  I hope to write another 20-30,000 words of this and then have it fully ready to  be released in the run up to Halloween next year but I’ll just have to play it by ear.  Crowbar Junction has been put on the back burner for a while as I know there are some things I want to change but am not sure how at the moment.    

Readingwise I have dipped into Thomas Pynchon for the first time and am about 80 pages into ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ and am liking it so far but it is a tough enough read and there is a long way to go.  ‘The Wild Palms’ by William Faulkner was good but not as good as the others of his I have read.  I also read ‘Star of the Sea’ by Joseph O’ Connor which I really enjoyed and I would recommend this to anyone.  I have also listened to Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ on audio book and I found this to excellent and very good for anyone who is interested in writing fiction.

Just a final update on Harrison and I will leave the site for today; he is getting more beautiful everyday.

It wont be so long to my next post, I promise!


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