Writing update

I have finished my horror novel that I started for Nanowrimo and it comes in at 63,782 words after first draft and a read through.  I was very happy with how this story progressed in my head as I wrote it and I wrote this in a different way than I  normally do.  This time I wrote all the key scenes I could think of first and then filled in the gaps, this led to many new ideas coming to me each time I wrote and the word counts per day were excellent.  I think I am going to leave this alone for a while and come back to it for more drafts later on.  As it is a horror novel I probably won’t publish it until September 2014 and do some marketing in the run up to Halloween.

Aisling had her hen night at the weekend in Cork and she had a great time.  Her voice was gone on Sunday and she was so happy with the amount of effort her sister and her sisters girlfriend went to in organising it.  

Thomas Pynchon is going great and I am really liking ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ though I am not getting the time to read it in chunks large enough that I would like.  Still a long way to go in the book and with time as it is it might be Christmas before I finish it

I think I am going to get started on one of two projects now while I let the novel settle in but I have to decide which one.  I’ll keep you posted.

Harrison was a little off going to bed last night but he did sleep in the end and only woke for moment about 5 this morning but a quick pat in the head and rub of his cheek was all that was needed to get him back asleep.


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