Passed my driving test

On Friday the 13th I passed my driving test which is great and means I can drive my car alone now and don’t have to  be relying on anyone else to be with me when I get in the car.  

I have ordered a proof copy of the first draft of my horror novel and should get it near the end of the month.  I will read it and see what is missing before beginning a second and third draft in probably March 2014.  I have arranged for book cover designers to begin work on it in Summer 2014 for the September release date.

While I did this I started on a serial killer novel that I hope to bang out in the same time the horror novel took me.  I am trying these new types of stories for a change and I have to say I am quite enjoying it.  The words spill out much more quickly than trying to write literary stories and the pace of the book feels much faster as a result.  I think when this one is done I will go back to a long novel I have planned since earlier this year and get started on that.

Only a few weeks to  the wedding now.  I sorted my suit out the other day and now all we have to do it the seating plan and agreeing on a first song as we don’t have a song!

Still reading ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ which is still very good but my progress is so slow at the moment with so little time to read it.   


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