2014 Catchup

It has been a while since I posted on the blog so I am going to give a quick roundup of what has been happening.  Lifewise I was married on the 10th of January and life has been good.  Harrison turned one at the end of April and he is just walking now and starting to say proper words.  He has an ear infection at the moment but he’s in good from none the less.

The Giro d’Italia started in Ireland this weekend and I was lucky to have been able to be at the 75 metre line to see Marcel Kittel storm to his victory in Dublin.  

My reading this year has been varied.  I finished ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ and it was certainly a tough slog at the end but well worth it.  I needed a  few short books after that so I read ‘Deception’ by Philip Roth which I enjoyed but not as much as some of his others; then Michael Chabon’s ‘The Final Solution’ which was quite quirky and good and finally on the short front, ‘The Eye’ by Nabokov, this I really enjoyed.  Next on the reading list was Will Self’s ‘The Book of Dave’ though this was entertaining and I liked the satire to it, I have lost faith in how I rated it when I finished reading it, it hasn’t stuck with me.  I then read ‘End Zone’ by Delillo; this was good too but not one of his best.  ‘Stoner’ by John Williams was next and I loved this one.  After that I read ‘Shop Talk’ by Roth again, this is a book of interviews he has conducted with writers and I found it facinating and a real eye opener to the ideas of creative writers.  At the moment I am reading Naguib Mafouz’s ‘Sugar Street’ the third installment of his ‘Cairo Trilogy’ it is early days but already I can feel the Egypt of the day in his writing.  

While reading these I have also listened to the following on audiobook while driving to and from work- ‘Collected Ghost Stories Volume 1’ by M.R James (Excellent); ‘England, England’ by Julian Barnes (Good) and ‘The Hippopotamus’ by Stephen Fry (Also Good.)   At the moment I am listening to ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak (too early to say.) 

Writing has been going well this year.  I completed and released my novella ‘The Story of Furniture Anderson’ at the very end of February and it has been doing ok.  I have written 70% of the first draft of a new Mitch Uncle Boney Novella (Novel?) and have continued to work on some short stories for the next collection.  I am also working as a ghost writer for a 25,000 word or so Urban Fantasy Novella that I have to have completed by the end of June.  I will begin on the final draft of the Dolocher in a while and have been tinkering slightly with ‘Crowbar Junction’ on and off as well.

It wont be so long to the next post. 


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