New Book out tomorrow

My new book ‘The Dolocher’ is out tomorrow on Kindle.  You can pre-order today at

It is the story of a series of killings in Dublin in 1788 that were attributed to a monster who carried the soul of a crazed killer.  Local Alderman James does not believe this and he sets out to find out who the real killer is.


New Book

My latest book is available in paperback format at all Amazon Stores from today.  The Kindle edition will be released on the 1st of October and can be pre-ordered now.  The book is called ‘The Dolocher’ and it is based on a legend long forgotten in Dublin from the 1780s.  The story is about a wave of murders committed by a creature that Dubliners thought was a giant black pig that carried the soul of a crazed murderer who cheated the gallows by committing suicide.

It is 204 pages in length and casts a light on life in Dublin at the time. Please pick up a copy and let me know what you think.