The Brave Festival is Free Today

My first Novella, ‘The Brave Festival,’ is free at all kindle stores today.  Click here for you local store for a copy


Michelin Free Today

Michelin is available for free from all Amazon stores today.  Pick up a copy at your local one here.

Mitch Uncle Boney was born a skeleton and has a terrible name. In this novella we learn of Mitch’s upbringing and his entry into the working world of an adult.
Things seem to be going OK until he tries to rent a room in his house. The result is threatening phone calls and letters, drinking binges, violence, new friendships and an ever growing tally of enemies.
Life is never simple, but when you are a skeleton in today’s world nothing is simple at all.

Nanowrimo Winner!

I completed Nanowrimo with a total of just over 51k words this year.  I wrote a first draft of a sequel to the Dolocher which I will build on for release late next year. I found it harder to complete this year but I knew that I was going to get there in the end and actually finished up three days early (but was eight days early last year)  It is a great project to complete even if you are a new writer and something well worth giving a try.