About Me

My name is European P. Douglas (or just plain Rory McNeill if you know me) and I have started this blog to record how life is going for me in terms of writing and more importantly as a new father and with a wedding on the way in January 2014.  My wife  and I had a baby boy called Harrison at the end of April 2013

I have always written as a hobby but a few years ago when I  was made redundant I decided to use the new free time I had to try to take writing more seriously.  I completed a Diploma in Creative Writing, taught by Eileen Casey, and finished writing a novella that I had started a couple of years before.  When I thought I was finished this I sent a copy to Helen Falconer, Author and Book reviewer for the Guardian newspaper.  She gave me a detailed critique and I could see where my major weaknesses were.  There were enough good points however that I was confident to go on with trying to become a published author.

The resulting book was a novella called ‘The Brave Festival.’  I published this book using Createspace and and later released it alongside a book of short stories called ‘The Great Brutality’ through Amazon and the Kindle Store.

In March 2013 I published a novella called ‘The Case for Skeletons‘ and I have just completed my first full length novel called ‘Crowbar Junction’ which is currently being critiqued before I do my editing on it.

In July 2013 I published a novella called ‘Michelin’ which shows an alternate view of Mitch Uncle Boney from ‘The Case for Skeletons’

In February 2014 I published another Novella called ‘The story of Furniture Anderson’

I am currently still working on redrafts of Crowbar Junction, another Mitch Uncle Boney Novella and ghost writing an Urban Fantasy Novel.



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